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art to love, after my eyes for the f●irst time had met your mother’s.▓ But how much I loved her, how▓ every drop of my life was su●cked up and absorbed into my l▓ove of her, it would be useless for me to tr●y to make you understand. “An▓d yet, loving her as I did, I hesitated ▓to bespeak her for my wife.Why ● “In my eighteenth year my own father—your ●grandfather, of holy memory—had died.▓ On his death-bed he called me to hi●m.He said: ‘When you have become


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Excite; to arouse or stir up the emotions

Excite is a versatile template designed to give you freedom to be creative

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e.But I say to you here on my● death-bed, beware! Do not marry, though ▓your love be greater than your life.  癜‘In the fourth generation bac

k of me our anc●estor was betrayed by the wife of his choice.● So great was his hatred of h▓er on this account, that he wished his seed●, contaminated as it was by havin●g

am thirty.Your mo

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taken root in her womb, to become extinct.The●refore he forbade his son to marry.And to ▓this prohibition he attached ●a pen

alty. “If, in defiance of ●his wish, his son should take unto himself a ●woman, then should he too taste● the bitterness of infidelity withi●n the household, then should he too be● betrayed and

the●r wou ld be th ree-and- twenty had s

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dishonored by his w●ife.And this penalty he made to extend t●o the seventh and eighth generations.Whoso▓ever of his progeny should enter into the● wedded state should enter b▓y the same step into the ante●chamber

of hell. “‘But his son laug●hed as he listened; and withi●n two years he was marr

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ied.But within two ye▓ars also the laughter froze up●on his lips.For behold, the curse of his ●father had come

to pass! “‘Thus e▓ver since.Each of our ancestors, despite h●is father’s cau

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